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Terms of Service

    By doing business with Web Works, I, as the 'client,' understand and agree to the following terms and conditions.
  1. The client is fully responsible for all content, logos and graphics, and all other media (hereafter collectively referred to as ‘content’) given to Web Works Inc (Web Works) for use on the client’s website. Web Works takes no responsibility for copyright infringement, plagiarism, or other illicit use of content provided by the client. Web Works reserves the right to refuse any content it deems inappropriate or potentially offensive, such as, but not limited to, pornographic, hate-related, addictive-substance-related, violent, or illegal content.
  2. The client must provide all content before the website can become available online. Billing will continue with or without completed content.
  3. The client will be automatically billed the agreed upon monthly fee for the life of the service. By agreeing to this contract, the client commits to at least twelve (12) months of service or pay an early termination fee equal to 50% of the remaining payments in the first twelve months. All payments of the monthly fee (not including Update Credits or one-time work) received in the form of checks, cash, manual credit/debit card payments, or other non-automatic payments will incur a handling fee of $10 per instance.
  4. Late invoices will incur a fee of 2.75% of the balance per month. Failure to pay invoices by the due date may result in the website or hosting account being suspended and taken offline.
  5. The client may change packages anytime, including during the initial twelve months, with only the difference billed. If downgrading to a lower package, the client must identify what content, email accounts, and other features he would like to be removed to meet the specifications of the lower package. If these instructions are not received by the first billing period that reflects the new price, content and features will be removed arbitrarily.
  6. Once a design concept is approved by the client for the website, the client must use their upgrade credits to make changes to the design of the website. Billing will begin when the website is completed or when any content (temporary or otherwise) is placed online, whichever comes first. Billing may begin earlier for expedited projects. Unused update credits do not carry over to the next billing year (12 month cycle from sign-up date).
  7. The number of times the client can change or update the content is limited based on the product(s) purchased. Refer to individual product specifications for the number of included upgrade credits per year. Each credit is usually worth one (1) hour of work, but may vary depending on the change. Additional credits may be purchased separately. Minimum billable time is 30 minutes (typically half of 1 Update Credit), with all time rounded up to the nearest 30 minute period.
  8. The client may move his website to other hosting outside of our company at any time after the initial twelve months (unless the early termination fee is paid) for a flat fee. In either case, the website files will be provided to the client as a downloadable Zip file or similar media, and the account will be considered closed. If a new account with the same client is to be opened, it will be subjected to the same conditions as a new account from a new client.
  9. Web Works Inc reserves the right to cancel any and all products and services, contracts, and agreements with clients at any time, at its discretion. Typically 30 days notice is given before termination, but notice may or may not be given, at Web Works Inc's discretion.
  10. Clients may receive discounts on other services from Web Works, including professional on-location photography, logo and branding design, and print or advertising design. Inquire for more information if your business would benefit from these services.
  11. These terms may change without notice. By accepting service from Web Works Inc, you agree to these terms and any future revisions, with or without notice.

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