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Mobile Websites / iPhone Web Apps

Mobile devices are leading the way forward, particularly in the business community. Modern smartphones provide a mobile platform for individuals and business users to locate businesses, review content, and even make purchases. By creating a web app or mobile version of your website, you are providing your mobile visitors with a clean interface that is easy to navigate on a small screen using touch input.

iPhone Web Apps

The iPhone is a common platform among both individuals and business professionals. Offering a web app to this important segment of the community can help to build trust and convey a sense of professionalism, while at the same time providing the visitor with an easy and familiar interface, custom designed for your company.

Our iPhone web apps use an interface common with most iPhone apps to lower the learning curve of the app and provide an ease of use. The apps can be installed to the home screen for quick reference and without the clutter of the mobile browser. Like mobile websites, you can take advantage of the built-in apps, like having a 'Call Us' button that will open the phone app and place the call, or an 'Email' button that will open the mail app and automatically fill the 'To:' field with the proper address.

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