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Liberty Baptist Church

About the Client

Liberty Baptist Church of Sarasota, Florida

Liberty Baptist Church is a local independent Baptist church in Sarasota, Florida. Dr. Gary R. Jackson, Senior Pastor, founded the church in 1977, and continues to promote growth in the church. He has a vision to see the church expand, including on the web.

Liberty Baptist's Goals

One of the primary goals for the new website was to integrate a live streaming service that would allow those unable to attend a service to view one live on the web. Other important goals were making information about the church readily available to visitors and providing information on special events and activities to members.

Web Solutions

The website's design is based on the friendly atmosphere of the church and draws the viewer to the most important information and links. Live streaming services from LiveStream.com were also integrated with the website to allow easy operation by the church's media center.

Client Quote

I am very pleased with the new web site. The ease by which one may move through the site is amazing. The graphics show creativity and originalty. Web Works adds much workability. In brevity let me say thank you for your professionalism.
- Sincerely, Pastor Dan Jackson

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