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Filipkowski Law Group

About the Client

Filipkowski Law Group in Sarasota, FL

Filikowski Law Group is primarily dedicated to helping people. Attorney Filipkowski specializes in a wide range of types of cases including criminal defence, violation of probation, and traffic cases. The group is based in Sarasota, but operates over much of the Tampa Bay Area.

Filipkowski Law Group's Goals

The main goal for the new website is to attract traffic from Google from search rankings and through YouTube though a series of videos explaining how the law applies to certain situations. The end goal for visitors is to contact the law group. Attorney Filipkowski also wanted the design dark and modern while reflecting the serious nature of his firm.

Web Solutions

We built easy to use navigation around the various videos that Attorney Filipkowski wanted displayed prominently on the website. Contacting the group was the primary 'call to action,' and contact information was displayed prodominately on the site. Also, we worked with the law firm to develop the style and design of the site so that it best represents his firm.

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